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mosaic courses


Specialist courses with a professional mosaic artist, listed by date.

Some are in the UK, others are held overseas.

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16th – 20th March 2014
West Dean College
A 4 day course with lectures
From £386



This course aims to familiarise students with the ideas and intentions behind the practice of making work. Craft is often though to exist in a realm free from the philosophical aspects of the art world, but the fact craft has use value as well as aesthetic value, can make it uniquely expressive of the ideas of the period in which it is made.

This course will be structured around illustrated talks, in which students will become aware of what some of these principles – the thoughts and concepts that underlie aesthetic ideas we often think of as 'natural' – might be. It is a course based on challenging assumptions – it should be inspiring, stimulating, sometimes provoking, and informative. There is no other mosaic course like it.

Although projects will be begun, it is unlikely they projects will be completed during the course as the emphasis is on ideas. Students will leave with an enlarged sense of how to build from and interpret their ideas in the material form of mosaic.